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Manage emergency text notifications

Welcome to Ball State University's emergency text notification system, which allows you to subscribe to emergency notifications sent from the university and delivered to your mobile phone.
Click "Subscribe now" to get started with setting up your device, or if you have already subscribed you can manage your account by clicking "Update Information."

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About emergency text notifications

Emergency Notification
Emergency notifications are delivered simultaneously via the university Web site, e-mail, campus voicemail, and mobile text messages (for those who subscribe) when there is an immediate threat to the campus community. The system is used when immediate and specific action of students, faculty, and staff is likely to protect them from imminent danger. This system is also used when classes are canceled or the campus is closed.

Common Messages Used in Text Alerts:
  • Shelter in Place - This command means that if your in class or a campus activity and the room may be secured, stay where you are. If you need to travel around campus to get to a class or activity, you should stay in your current location until the "All Clear" message is given by Public Safety.
  • Shelter in place has been lifted. Resume normal activities. - When the threat has passed and the campus community has been restored to normal safety levels, the message, "All clear. Return to normal activities," will be issued. This is the signal that it is now safe to move about campus and return to classes, offices, and events.

Severe Weather Communications

When the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, Ball State will post pertinent information on www.bsu.edu and send a text message to subscribers of the university's emergency text messaging system. Continue to monitor the weather via radio or television until the tornado warning has been lifted for your area. The university sends text alerts for tornado warnings only. To receive notifications about other types of weather watches, and advisories, you may want to explore free alert services such as those offered by www.weatherchannel.com and www.emergencyemail.org. You may also check the current weather in Muncie.

Communicating on Campus
Ball State uses several electronic tools to keep faculty, staff, and students informed. Learn more about communicating on campus.