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Ball State's Year-in-Review

Contributed by: Brian Hayes
Published: Thursday, 22 May 2014 11:30 AM
Ball State hasn't produced a yearbook since 1997. With technological advancements, the establishment of Unified Student Media and a little innovation, the time is ripe to bring life back to those shelves!

Cardinal Life is an immersive-learning experience where students were tasked with reinventing the college yearbook. We can no longer think of it as being a hardback book divided into those dreaded sections like academics, sports and clubs. Cardinal Life covers all of your favorite college memories as they happen chronologically — more like Time magazine’s Year-in-Review.

Utilizing some of the content already created by Unified Student Media (The Daily News, Ball Bearings, WCRD, etc.) the Cardinal Life staff wrote, photographed and showcased the events and happenings you will want to remember. With an emphasis on clubs, Greek life, student organizations and campus events, Cardinal Life provides the campus community with a customizable, yet affordable product they will both enjoy and cherish for years to come.

Time is running out! The 2013-14 edition of Cardinal Life is available for sale until the end of June. Order your Year-in-Review today through our secure paysite today for only $34.29!

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**If you are interested in joining or participating in this immersive-learning experience next school year, please contact me at