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Seats still available: EDTE 650 Curriculum Integration of Technology

Contributed by: Jon Clausen
Published: Tuesday, 08 July 2014 2:00 PM
EDTE 650: Curriculum Integration of Technology

Course Reference #: 15116

Course Meets: Online through Distance Education

Seats still available!!!

Interested in how teachers and school leaders can use technology within their instructional contexts? EDTE 650: Curriculum integration of technology examines instructional technology use by teachers and students, and prepares instructional leaders to use technology in meaningful ways that support student learning.

Whether you will teach kindergarten or adult learners, schools expect teachers to help students learn through effective technology integration within their instructional practice, and not just for personal productivity. 

EDTE 650 prepares graduate students to consider the factors related to effective technology integration and provides them opportunities to create learning opportunities that demonstrate how different technologies can be used throughout the learning process. Topics include:  

  • Models for effective technology integration and adoption.
  • Technology use for learning and as thinking tools
  • Problem-based/inquiry learning with technology
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Issues of equity, access, assistive technology, and universal design
  • Technology leadership and change.

EDTE 650 is a required course for both the MA in Curriculum and Educational Technology and the MA in Secondary Education.  Students in these programs should consider taking EDTE early in their program of study as it sets the foundation for other courses in the program.

Students in other graduate programs may also find EDTE 650 useful as they consider incorporating technology into their own instructional contexts.

EDTE 650 serves as foundation for those interested in how technology may be used within teaching and learning contexts. Projects produced by students relate directly to their content, grade level, and school contexts.

Seats are still available!

If your school district or instructional context is encouraging greater technology use that supports student learning, then EDTE 650 is the course for you!