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Participants Needed for Biomechanics Study

Contributed by: Heather Melton
Published: Friday, 17 January 2014 12:00 AM
“Influence of Foot Strike Pattern and Fatigue on Running Biomechanics”
This study is being conducted by Jill Estes in the Biomechanics Laboratory at Ball State University.
IRB Approval # 521632-4

-To identify if the changes is kinematic and kinetic variables, due to foot strike pattern and fatigue, have an effect on the variables associated with risk of Tibial Stress Fracture

-Males and Females age 18-40 years
- You run 15 or more miles per week at a pace between 6-10 miles per hour
- Have no acute or chronic lower extremity injuries or neuropathies

-You will be asked to complete two separate data collections
-Refrain from strenuous exercise 24 hours prior to all sessions
-During the first visit, the study will be explained to you and you will run 5k time trial around an indoor track. (approximately 60 min.)
-During the second visit you will complete a warm-up, give 6 maximal contractions for the knee and 6 maximal contractions for the ankle, complete testing for maximal jump height, and run on a treadmill at your 5k pace until that pace is no longer sustainable as determined by the participant. (approximately 90-120 min.)

-Biomechanics Laboratory at Ball State University (HP 311)
-Parking is available if coming from off campus

For more information contact the Biomechanics Laboratory (765) 285-5178
Or Jill Estes