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Postage Accounting Procedure Change

Contributed by: Jerry Ault
Published: Friday, 11 July 2014 3:00 PM
Postage Accounting Procedure Change

Effective July 1, 2014, Central Mailing switched from FRS account numbers to Banner, FOAPAL account numbers.
To make it easier on everyone, we have assigned a mailer code to each FOAPAL account number. Your existing zip plus four code that is preprinted in the return address on your department envelopes is your mailer code for your department FOAPAL account number. This is the last four digits of that zip code. See example below, where the 2108 is the mailer code for Central Mailing. When using your department envelopes with the preprinted return address on them, there is no need to provide us with a mailer code. We will get the mailer code from your return address zip code. Should you be using your departmental envelopes but want to charge to another FOAPAL account you will need to provide us with a Mailer Code for the FOAPAL you wish to be charged. If you are using mailing envelopes other than your departmental preprinted return address envelopes, such as larger envelopes or BSU mailing labels you will need to provide us with a mailer code.
Should your department have more than one FOAPAL account number that will be used for mailing purposes, you should contact Cindy Terry at to have a mailer code assigned to that FOAPAL account. Also, if you are using activity codes with your FOAPAL account you should contact Cindy to have a mailer code assigned to your activity codes. Each FOAPAL account with or without an activity code should have its own mailer code. There can be no duplicate mailer codes.
Mail received without a mailer code will be charged to your departmental FOAPAL account.
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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions