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Important Benefits Announcement

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Please disregard this notice if you ARE NOT enrolled in one of the University's medical or dental insurance plans.

New Third Party Administrators (TPA) for Medical & Dental Benefits

We are pleased to announce that Ball State University has selected Anthem BlueCross BlueShield as our new medical benefits carrier and Delta Dental of Indiana as our new dental benefits carrier. This change will take effect on April 1, 2014.

Please note that our medical and dental plans will remain self-insured; Anthem and Delta Dental will be responsible for administering our plans, but the University will continue to pay the claims. Key Benefit Administrators (KBA) is our current TPA and will continue to process medical and dental claims that are incurred through March 31, 2014.

With the exception of a few changes that are necessary as part of the transition, the benefits for both the medical and dental plans will remain largely unchanged through 2014. Express Scripts (formerly Medco) will continue to be our Pharmacy Benefit Manager as dictated through the Indiana Aggregate Prescription Drug Purchasing Program (IAPPP) contract with the state of Indiana.

Additional information will be provided in future emails sent out through the Communications Center and posted on the Payroll & Employee Benefits website. The Office of Payroll & Employee Benefits will soon be sending a letter to each enrolled employee and retiree’s home address that will contain further details about the transition, including how to find out if your doctor and/or dentist participate in the new networks. Anthem and Delta Dental will mail out new ID cards some time prior to April 1st.

Please watch your email inbox and your mailbox at home for more information about the transition.
If you have any immediate questions regarding this announcement, please contact the Office of Payroll & Employee Benefits at (765) 285-8461 or