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Seeking Host Families for International H.S. Students

Contributed by: Brandy Reichle
Published: Tuesday, 14 February 2017 8:30 AM

The Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities continues to grow its international student program. This fall, we will welcome 10 new high school juniors from all over the world who will need host families for the 2017-2018 academic year.

To become a Host Family for next school year, complete your application at Once the application process is complete, host families may view detailed student stories, see pictures, and read teacher and parent letters, before being matched.  This opportunity is especially convenient for families living nearby or those already commuting to Ball State or the surrounding area since we are located on-campus, near the Student Center and Burris Laboratory School.

Host families:
  • Come in all shapes and sizes: Non-Academy families, younger/same age/older children, empty-nesters, college-age or adult children, no children, singles, etc.
  • Host a student in their home throughout the academic year (August 2017-May 2018)
  • Provide food and transportation to/from school (students pay for their own extracurricular activities, clothing, healthcare, etc.)
  • Treat the student as their own child (rules, love and support, guidance, etc.)
  • Do not need any previous hosting experience! Anyone interested in becoming a host family is encouraged to apply.
If interested, contact Brandy Reichle at or (765)285-8130 for more details. Also, please kindly share this information with others who might be interested in this unique cultural opportunity.

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