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A common area for Ball State students and employees to post and view messages for items they are searching for or want to sell. This category also provides faculty and staff the opportunity to generate positive campus news and for the campus community to advertise and/or seek carpooling opportunities. The "For Sale/Lease" and similar open publishing categories in the Communications Center are intended for use of a personal nature. It is a violation of university policy to use the system for commercial use, financial gain, or profit. Examples of appropriate use: selling a few tickets, subleasing an apartment, selling a used bike or iPod. Examples of inappropriate use: promoting a ticket scalping business, advertising of an apartment complex or house that you own as a business, selling hard goods for more than they were purchased. EXPIRATION DATE FOR ITEMS: Given the quantity of content published to the "Wanted," "For Sale or Lease," and "Lost & found" categories, all messages created in these categories will expire three weeks after they have been created in the Communications Center.
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For Sale or Lease

 Two Rooms for Rent in FishersCourtney FranklinMar 24, 2017
 Home for saleJames PooleMar 21, 2017
 The Chirpies - Featuring Guest Artist Chase BryantKristi ChambersMar 15, 2017
 For Sale: Rush-Seat ChairsPatrick StaufferMar 07, 2017
 Component Home Theater SystemLarry CannonFeb 13, 2017
 Home For Sale Near CampusBrittany MoonDec 05, 2016


 Adult Cooks and Eaters Wanted!Sara NiccumMar 21, 2017
 Kay Hodson Carlton RetirementDoc HunterMar 21, 2017
 MALE survey participants needed!Thomas HoltgravesMar 14, 2017
 Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry Announces 2017-2018 FellowsLaura HuffmanMar 10, 2017
 School of Kinesiology Kudos- February 2017Ashley GreenMar 08, 2017
 Are you a missionary kid?Alicia KeyFeb 07, 2017

Lost & found

 Lost Black and Tan DachshundJeff KoenkerFeb 28, 2017


 Looking for House to rent in Yorktown/MuncieFrank SabatineMar 26, 2017
 Choices: Decisions About an Unplanned PregnancyNora HopfMar 24, 2017
 Participants Needed Puzzle TaskThomas HoltgravesMar 23, 2017
 Cardinal Closet is Taking Donations Jim HagueMar 21, 2017
 Participants Needed- Eyewitness Identification and Feedback SurveyThomas HoltgravesMar 21, 2017
 MALE survey participants needed!Thomas HoltgravesMar 21, 2017
 MALE survey participants needed!Thomas HoltgravesMar 21, 2017
 Research Opportunity - Living in the WorkplaceThomas HoltgravesMar 21, 2017
 Needed Participants: Emoji Study (Use Your Smart Phone)Thomas HoltgravesMar 21, 2017
 Participants Needed for Puzzle TaskThomas HoltgravesMar 15, 2017
 Needed Participants for Emoji StudyThomas HoltgravesMar 15, 2017
 Participants Needed - Online SurveyThomas HoltgravesMar 14, 2017
 Eyewitness Identification and Feedback SurveyThomas HoltgravesMar 14, 2017
 Emotionality and Communication BehaviorThomas HoltgravesMar 15, 2017
 The Effects of Working Memory on Styles of ThinkingThomas HoltgravesMar 16, 2017
 Living in the Workplace: Role Boundary and Effort RecoveryThomas HoltgravesMar 13, 2017
 MALE survey participants needed!Thomas HoltgravesMar 14, 2017
 Invitation to Participate in a Video Game StudyThomas HoltgravesMar 13, 2017
 Survey Participants Needed for Drinking Decisions StudyThomas HoltgravesMar 14, 2017
 Survey Participants Needed!!Mckenzie RossMar 03, 2017
 Temperament and Risky behavior Shelby MathiasMar 03, 2017
 Participants Needed for Relationship StudyJimmy StaupMar 04, 2017
 Bystander Intervention TrainingBelinda McNeillMar 13, 2017
 The Talk ShowBelinda McNeillFeb 28, 2017
 Bystander Intervention TrainingBelinda McNeillFeb 28, 2017
 Lost Black and Tan DachshundJeff KoenkerFeb 28, 2017
 Reading Study Participants NeededKristin RitcheyFeb 12, 2017
 Survey Participation NeededAnjolii DiazJan 20, 2017