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Summer 2018 Course Offering- Multicultural Minor

Contributed by: Cresta Hancock
Published: Tuesday, 06 February 2018 11:00 AM

Summer 2018

EDMU 670 (Multicultural Minor)

Language, literacy, and culture

This course examines the sophisticated, often opaque, relationship between language and culture. It covers major concepts and theories pertaining to language acquisition, language policy and politics, multidialectalism in English and other languages, Ebonics, identity, language structures, heritage language, endangered and language loss around the world, language revitalization in indigenous communities worldwide, paralinguistic cues, and code switching. The concepts and theories will be taught within the framework of content-area pedagogy for English language learners. An extensive variety of cultures and their linguistic practices will be examined in addition to instructional approaches designed to help speakers of other languages acquire content knowledge in a new language.

Instructor: Dr. Michael Ndemanu