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2010 Student Symposium Winners

Contributed by: Augusta Isley
Published: Friday, 02 April 2010 1:30 PM

The 15th annual Student Symposium was held on March 30, 2010 in SC Ballroom with 119 project displays representing the scholarly research and creative endeavors of graduate and undergraduate students at Ball State University. Judges for the event were Derron Bishop, Assistant Director in the Center for Medical Education; Lori Byers, Associate Dean in the College of Communications, Information and Media; Jeffry Grigsby, Associate Dean in the College of Sciences and Humanities; Kecia McBride, Associate Dean in the College of Sciences and Humanities; and Jack Wescott, Associate Dean in the College of Applied Sciences and Technology.

The Student Symposium awards are established in memory of Sandra Smith, Linda Keys, and Jeffrey Litten, professional personnel who served in the Sponsored Programs Office collectively for over 30 years. The awards recognize students for their outstanding presentations at the Student Symposium and consist of a $100 prize for each awardee.

Those receiving the 2010 awards are:

  • Scott Dueball, Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science
    The Effect of Height on Musculoskeletal Injury While Performing Drop Landings
    Funded by: BSU ASPiRE
    Faculty Mentor: Henry Wang
  • Kamal Prajapati, Biology
    Abolishing Multi Drug Resistance in Cultured Lung Cancer Cells Using RNA Interference
    Funded by: Indiana Academy of Sciences
    Faculty Mentor: Carolyn Vann
  • Staci Weaver, Biology
    Investigating the Role of Brain Glycogen after Acute Seizure Activity in Mice
    Funded by: IUSM Research Enhancement, BSU ASPiRE, and the National Institutes of Health
    Faculty Mentor: Bart Pederson


  • Lisa Bourdon, Biology
    The Influence of Testosterone and Estrogenic Compounds on Microbial Activity
    Faculty Mentor: Melody Bernot
  • Matt Crosley, Chemistry
    Exfoliation of Atomic Layers from Synthesized MoS2 and WS2 Nanoparticles
    Funded by: Department of Chemistry, Ball State University
    Faculty Mentor: Tykhon Zubkov
  • Brian Main, Landscape Architecture
    The Mexican Chinampa, Understanding a Culture
    Faculty Mentor: Rob Benson

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Smith/Litten/Keys Student Symposium Awards fund may do so by sending a check made payable to the Ball State University Foundation, notating Account #9652 and sent either to the Ball State University Foundation or to the Sponsored Programs Office.