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National Day on Writing

Contributed by: Adrienne Bliss
Published: Wednesday, 12 October 2011 8:00 AM
We teach writing; we grade writing, but how often do we celebrate writing?

Well that day is coming up—October 20th is the National Day on Writing! The day was started by NCTE, and passed by the Senate, as a way to recognize the role the writing plays in all of our lives.

What can you do to get involved?

1) Get your students to submit writing to our gallery on NCTE's website: The creative writing faculty have been gracious enough to donate books as prizes, and the "raffle" ticket (so to speak) is your submission to the gallery.

2) Submit writing yourself. It's not just for students. Any kind of writing is acceptable. Think you are too busy to do writing? Think about the little ways you write every single day. That's what this day is all about.

3) Visit the Writing Center on October 20th and encourage your students to do the same. We will have events at quarter till each hour. This will include fun things like a quick word game or a flash fiction contest.

4) Attend, and encourage your students to attend, our evening event at 7 pm in the Writing Center. This will be a panel of speakers, co-sponsored by the English Education Club. More info soon...

5) Check the Writing Center's twitter and facebook feeds for updates.

6) Tweet, blog, and otherwise promote the day to everyone you know

Let's get excited about writing!

~Jennifer Grouling, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director of the Writing Center
RB291 285-8387