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Take the Trophy at the Centennial Birthday Games!

Contributed by: Lena Tompkins
Published: Friday, 08 June 2018 12:30 PM
Ball State’s Centennial Birthday Games will be June 15 in the Quad, and you’ll want to compete because:
  • The overall winner gets a big trophy.
  • They only happen every 100 years.

Join in the games, plus a cupcake wars decorating contest, during Ball State’s Centennial Birthday Celebration from 2-4 p.m. All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to participate to win the trophy for their department or team.

Sign up for Games
Register your team of four for any or all games (10 teams max per game). Each game’s winning team goes to the final round to decide the Centennial Celebration grand trophy winner.

The games are:
  1. Three-Legged Race: Two team members have a leg tied to each other and travel the game course. The other two team members then do the same. Lowest total time wins.
  2. Balloon Toss: All teammates pass a balloon back-and-forth while moving toward a finish line. If a balloon drops or breaks, the team starts over. Lowest total time wins.
  3. Egg/Spoon Relay: One by one, teammates travel a course carrying an egg on a spoon. If an egg drops, that person starts over. Lowest total time wins.
  4. Can Jam: Each member tosses a Frisbee at a container. Each Frisbee that goes inside gets 3 points; each one hitting the container gets 1 point. Highest team score wins.

Each game’s winning team will choose a representative for the final contest. That person runs while putting on outfits in a certain order. The team whose member completes the Dress-Up Race in the correct order in the shortest time wins the trophy and bragging rights for, well, a century.

Cupcake Wars Decorating Contest
Free your inner and outer designer by registering to decorate a cupcake. Open to the first 40 individuals who register. Ball State provides cupcakes and decorating supplies; you provide your sense of flair. Judging is during the event, and the grand winner takes home a trophy.

How to Register
  1. Go to imleagues and create an account. Select Ball State as your school/organization.
  2. You’ll get an email from IM Leagues. Click on the link to confirm your account.
  3. After logging in on the IM Leagues home page, click on Ball State University. This will open the Ball State intramurals page, with the Centennial Celebration games and cupcake contest listed in the center.
  4. Select a game or contest, then Create Team, and register your team.
  5. You may register for as many events as your team wants to participate in.

For questions about registering, please email Jason Tucker.

For more about the Centennial, visit