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Midterm Feedback Service available for Spring 2018

Contributed by: Kathleen Jacobi
Published: Monday, 29 January 2018 3:30 PM
Why wait until after finals to receive student feedback? Instructional Development and Research in the Division of Online and Strategic Learning (formerly the Office of Educational Excellence) can assist in gathering student feedback at midterm allowing you to make adjustments prior to the end of the semester. Our Midterm Feedback Service is available for face-to-face and online courses and may be provided as a facilitated face-to-face session with your students or as an online survey.

The optimum time to use this service is between weeks 6 to 10 in the semester (February 12th – March 16th).

Visit our webpage for a full description of this service. If you are interested in having us assist you with collecting midterm feedback, please contact Kathleen Jacobi to request this service.