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Get the B3:Breaking Bias at Ball State University App

Contributed by: Ro Anne Royer Engle
Published: Monday, 15 August 2016 8:30 AM
The B3: Breaking Bias at Ball State University App is a tool designed to inform, engage, and empower users. The key features of the app:

• Define bias, bias incidents, hate crimes, freedom of speech, microaggressions, protected group status and discrimination
• Provide guidance on responding to bias incidents
• Instantly connects targets of bias incidents and witnesses with reporting options
• Confirms the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion with campus resources and information

It is a powerful tool for users who want direct access to campus information and resources regarding diversity. The app was created by the Council on Diversity and Inclusion in partnership with Digital Corps and with input from students.

B3- Ball State (Breaking Bias at Ball State University) is available in the App store and Google Play
. Download the App today!