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Medco Retail Flu Vaccine Program

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The flu is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. It spreads from person to person and can cause mild to severe symptoms. In the United States, yearly outbreaks of seasonal flu usually occur from autumn through early spring. One of the best ways for preventing the flu is by getting a vaccination each year.

Many retail pharmacies now offer seasonal influenza and other vaccines. The pharmacists who give these vaccinations are fully qualified in vaccine administration.

We have again arranged through Medco to cover both the flu and the pneumonia vaccines at retail pharmacies that participate in the Medco network. Employees and their dependents that are covered by any Ball State University Health Plan are eligible to receive the vaccines at no cost. Simply show your Medco card and advise the pharmacy that they can process the vaccine claim through Medco. The pharmacy will then enter the claim just like any other retail pharmacy claim and the Ball State Health Plan will be billed for the administration. To find a retail pharmacy where you can get the vaccine, call Medco at 1 800 476-9242 or visit

Before going to the drugstore, call first to verify that they have the vaccine you need. You should also find out what times the vaccinations are available. Please note that some pharmacies, including Walgreen’s, require a prescription for the administration of flu vaccines to children under the age of 16.

*Vaccinations administered in your doctor’s office will still be processed through the medical plan and subject to coinsurance. The $0 coinsurance is available only through Medco’s retail pharmacy program.

The Medco Retail Vaccine Program is separate from Ball State’s Quick Clinic Flu Shot Program. Details on the Quick Clinic’s program/flu shots will be send out through the Quick Clinic.

Please contact the PEB office at (765) 285-8461 if you have any questions regarding this benefit.