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Midwest Writers Workshop is coming to Ball State July 21-23—scholarships to attend still available!

Contributed by: Gail L Werner
Published: Thursday, 19 May 2016 11:00 AM
For more than 40 years, the Midwest Writers Workshop has helped aspiring writers improve their craft and get published. Held annually at Ball State in association with the university’s Department of English, the event takes place Thursday, July 21-Saturday, July 23 in the Pittenger Student Center.

Registration is currently open for all writers interested in attending the conference, which is an opportunity to network with publishing professionals (editors and agents), receive feedback on their work, and learn more about the craft.
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Brown Planetarium's 2016 Summer Schedule

Contributed by: Dayna Thompson
Published: Wednesday, 18 May 2016 11:00 AM
T h e    C h a r l e s   W.   B r o w n   P l a n e t a r i u m
S u m m e r   2 0 1 6
F r e e   P u b l i c   P r o g r a m s
Planetarium Schedule (Printable Version)
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AAUW/IPR Used Book Sale

Contributed by: Angela Rapp
Published: Wednesday, 11 May 2016 7:00 AM
The 37th Annual Used Book Sale sponsored by The American Association of University Women and Indiana Public Radio is May 28 and May 31 through June 4 at Ball State's Alumni Center.
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How is Your Public Speaking?

Contributed by: Tania Said
Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2016 10:30 AM
If you know your public speaking could be better, then BSU Muncie Toastmasters is for you! Learn more.

Professor To Host Music Production Summer Camp

Contributed by: Patrick Stauffer
Published: Monday, 25 April 2016 9:00 AM
Robert Willey, director of Music Media Production will be leading a Music Production Summer Camp in audio recording from July 11–13, 2016 in the Music Media Production and Industry studios at Ball State University. High school students ages 14–18 will learn the basics of recording, editing, and mixing using Studio One software. The camp runs from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each of the three days.
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Summer Workshop: Integrate Common Reader into Class

Contributed by: Melinda Messineo
Published: Sunday, 24 April 2016 4:30 PM
We are eager to connect with faculty who would like to pursue integrating the 2016-17 Freshman Common Reader, "True American" into their freshmen enrollment course experience during fall 2016.

The three session summer workshop will guide participants through the review and assignment creation process. Participants who complete the process are eligible for stipends. Please contact Melinda Messineo for more details.

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Join the Ball State Summer Chorus Today

Contributed by: Patrick Stauffer
Published: Wednesday, 20 April 2016 9:00 AM

You are invited to join the Ball State Summer Chorus!

Ball State's Summer Chorus is open to students, faculty, staff, and community singers. This fun, invigorating music experience is led by Ball State conducting faculty. Each series holds four Monday night rehearsals, then performs a light concert in Sursa Performance Hall. Students may register to earn credit for the course (MUSC 351) or participate as an extra-curricular event.

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