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ARCH 407: Fourth World Theory On-line Couse Description

Contributed by: Olon Dotson
Published: Tuesday, 28 March 2017 9:00 AM
ARCH 407: Fourth World Theory - On-Line Offering (Summer Semester 2017)
For Undergraduate Students Interested in topics of Social and Environmental Justice
CRN# 800 36540

We have documented and reinforced evidence of America’s position as the wealthiest and most powerful country on earth, but have limited knowledge of the scale and magnitude of our nation’s poverty and degradation. The extent of the distress and abandonment in the cores of our cities resulting from de-industrialization, historic segregation and discrimination patterns, suburban sprawl, erosion of a viable tax base, racism, inability to embrace the concept desegregation and civil rights legislation, fear, despair, crumbling infrastructure systems, disinvestment in our urban school systems, and environment justice issues defines our “Fourth World” status. Sustainability is currently at the forefront of our discourse as part of a larger global imperative; however, the value of ‘green’ is inconsequential when continued sprawling development practices are dictated by historic discrimination and segregation patterns and societal ills.

Through Critical Geography, Fourth World Theory synthesizes these issues collectively with the social construction of race at its core. In critical geography discourse, Bobby Wilson discusses DuBois positions on the danger of application of class politics without “modification of thought” (Bauder and Engel-Di Mauro 287) to the unique American circumstance. “We must situate race, not only in a historical context, but also in a historical geographical context. We must expose the skeletons of places and plant the flesh of black experiences on those bones as well. Social practices are not only historically specific but geographically or place-specific, even in the age of globalization.” In the United States, a general reluctance to confront the social construction of race undermines productive dialogue on the matter.

Fourth World Theory argues that the social construction of race is at the core of the above-mentioned physical, political, socio-economic and institutional abandonment. This elective will demonstrate how this social construction has, and continues to, systemically undermine each and every aspect of the overall quality of life in the American city.
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2017 OEE Colloquia Series

Contributed by: Kathleen Jacobi
Published: Wednesday, 22 March 2017 10:00 AM
The Office of Educational Excellence is pleased to announce its 2017 Colloquia highlighting the previous year’s award winners for Ball State’s Excellence in Teaching Award and Creative Teaching Grant. During the presentation, the award recipient discusses his/her enhanced course or grant project. Learn more.

Summer Academy for high school students to be held July 9 - 21

Contributed by: Lori Pence
Published: Friday, 24 February 2017 11:30 AM
DesignWorks Summer Academy, for high school sophomores and juniors, has been called an "immersive, intensive, team-driven, college level experience," and we'd agree.

Students will experience life as a college student while staying in the residence halls and attending college courses taught by faculty from the College of Architecture and Planning.

Field trips, participating in competitive projects, learning from profession speakers, are included in the fee. For admission requirements, dates, and to apply go to Questions? Contact Lori Pence at (765) 285-5879.
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2017-18 Interactive Learning Space Initiative - Call for Applications

Contributed by: Kathleen Jacobi
Published: Wednesday, 01 February 2017 2:30 PM
Applications for joining the 2017-18 Interactive Learning Space (ILS) Initiative are now being accepted. The purpose of the ILS Initiative is to strengthen learning through pedagogy, learning space design, and technology.

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