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Sunny needs an inside home.

Contributed by: Peggy Dixon
Published: Tuesday, 28 June 2016 10:00 AM

Sunny the kitty needs a new forever INSIDE home at no cost to you.

Sunny needs a new forever INSIDE home at no extra vet cost to you. Sunny is another really sweet friendly kitty who found our front porch and the food I provide there for our three feral kitty friends. He is a beautiful golden tiger cat. I am looking for a forever INSIDE home for him to keep him safe and loved. According to the vet, Sunny is about one year old. We had him neutered, wormed, immunized and a dose of Revolution put on him in mid-June, so he is in good shape to start his new life with one of you out there.

Just email me for photos of Sunny and let me know if you or someone you know can possibly provide him with a new INSIDE forever home. Thank you for your consideration once again.

Peggy Dixon

Cell 765-623-3486

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